WCSG Travelin Together – Spotlight on the Zeeland Critter Barn

One of the many creatures you'll find at the Zeeland Critter Barn is a dairy goat. These goats have become accustomed to kids and welcome the interaction. Photo courtesy of the Zeeland Critter Barn, April 1, 2021.

As part of our WCSG ‘Travelin Together’ series, we’ll explore some ideas for staycations that will provide excitement and education while not having to travel far from home. 

This week we are exploring a family favorite for years.  The Zeeland Critter Barn.

Starting back in 1984, the Critter Barn has welcomed tens of thousands of visitors who come to see the animals and learn more about caring and sharing in our world.  The idea started small but grew into a passion that has sustained the farm for decades.  The popularity of the farm has prompted owners to begin an expansion to allow more visitors to tour the site and more animals to be available.  It will also allow for more parking as current visitors should park along Adams Street and follow the trail to the barn.

The Critter Barn is known for offering outings for local school children, some of whom have never experienced rural living or seeing a goat up close!

As part of that, the Critter Barn offers day classes as well as extended classes for older kids and opportunities to interact with the animals in a safe and welcoming environment.  Classes fill up fast so you’ll want to register early.

Starting this weekend, the Zeeland Critter Barn will celebrate new life with their Spring FlingIt’s an exciting time to visit the new baby ducklings, chicks, bunnies, and lambsThe barn will offer new activities daily starting April 3rd and running through the 10thDuring that time, you may witness a new life being born, or a lamb taking its first steps

The barn has extended hours until 7pm each night.

You can find a link to the Spring Fling, and learn more information about opportunities, right in our own backyard.