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What are YOU hungry for? The Whitecaps want to know!

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We’re planning ahead to summer with the West Michigan Whitecaps! They’re asking for your suggestions for this year’s menu.  If you were in charge of the menu at the ballpark, what would you want on it? Be as creative as you can and chime in on facebook!

If you missed it, download the podcast!

Submit your ideas to the Whitecaps HERE.

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One Response to What are YOU hungry for? The Whitecaps want to know!

  1. Jeremiah Teesdale says:

    Mr. Balyo and Ms. Amanda, I would like the Outfielder ice cream: my own flavor, which is vanilla with cookie dough, reeses peanut butter cups, swirls of caramel, and yogurt covered pretzel baseballs like on tiger tracks. Very tasty, and it matches their menu: unhealthy.

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