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Your Family Friendly Morning Show’s Large Scale Garage Sale!

Are you having a garage sale this summer? We’d love to come visit!  In an effort to meet every listener, we’ll be out and about this summer, stopping at West Michigan’s favorite gathering places – garage sales!

We’ll purchase an item at each sale, hoping to go “bigger and better” and trade our item in for another one at each sale.  Who knows?  Maybe we’ll end up with the keys to a car by the end of the summer!

If you’re having a garage sale, we want to know where and when it is.  We just might stop by!  Share yours through the Family Friendly Morning Show Facebook page.

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One Response to Your Family Friendly Morning Show’s Large Scale Garage Sale!

  1. Maria Willoughby-Byrwa says:

    We are having a huge garage sale this weekend! We have finally sorted through all of our stuff after getting married and combining our households! We can’t wait to get rid of having nearly 2 of everything! A great easy location to find us too! 131 and West Main area!
    6024 Torrington Rd, Kalamazoo, MI 49009
    Saturday 9-4!

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